maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
Atina- Art Residency 2015 : 3 / 8
August 2015

Gabriella, Atina 1954

"we left Atina when I was 9, to join dad in Tubize, Belgium
we made the journey by train, mother and her five children, the youngest only eight months old
it was October the 7th, 1962
dad had found a job in the local steel industry, like many from Atina
mom started working in a paper mill
we had to fend for ourselves, the older ones cared for the youngers
mum used to write home to her parents:” I left to give a better future to my children “
during the summer holidays we came back home to visit our grandparents, in this house where we still return
I regret not having asked many things, now that they are no more"

extract from her interview 
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