maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
Atina- Art Residency 2015 :  8
The Cassino area, where Atina is located, has seen many violent battles during the II World War, cruel episodes against the civilians- executions, raids, rapes, deportations, hunger, poverty. I wanted to investigate on site. As I discovered through my interviews, soon after the war, when the allies left, poverty was even deeper. Later, in the 60s, the local "cartiera" -paper mill- and the metal workshops, closed down and massive emigration to Belgium, France, UK and USA began.
I centred my work on 5 women, of different ages, spanning from 60 to 88 years old.

I met them one by one at their homes, in one to one encounters. They told me their stories, while I sketched rapidly their features on tracing paper. I then took a photo, asking them to hold my drafted portrait in front of their face, as to protect their identity while keeping a record of this intimate moment.

I superimpose for each image an other layer of tracing paper with phrases extracted from the interviews.

I composed a short text with all the stories in chronological order and here was a brief but intense story of Atina from II WW to the Seventies.