maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
(g)love compartment :  20
a performative project for the Art Car Boot Fair 2016
by Julia Maddison and Maria Teresa Gavazzi
Documented by India Roper-Evans

In keeping with this year’s theme of Hands, we have devised a game with gloves. Participants will be given a unique, hand-decorated glove, plucked from the glove compartment of our car. They will then be invited to search for the matching glove amid the crowds at the fair. If they find the other glove, they can bring the wearer of it back to the car and be photographed together in the back seat; a successfully matched pair – rather like a dating game.

Everybody gets to take home a beautiful glove, and somebody might even take home a new lover!

Re-united (g)loves and singles will be photographed for Art Car Boot Fair website. Lonely hearts will find a second chance by browsing here:

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