maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
Aria Fritta/ Hot Air :  9
Venice, 7 May 2015 
Performance event during the preview of “The Fall Of The Rebel Angels” exhibition curated by Vanya Balogh.

An ironic attempt to catch ‘l’aria fritta’ -literally fried air, meaning hot air- which generously blows around Venice during the Biennale. The artist vigorously stirs the air with a paint brush, but only a greasy trace of an imaginary fried oxygen&carbon dioxin marks the paper. The curator offers the work to the public, with a scholarly interpretation inscribed for future reference on the same artwork.

From an idea produced in Varese in 1999 by Gretel Fehr and Maria Teresa Gavazzi, a new production by Maria Teresa Gavazzi assisted by Beatrice Carugo and co-produced by Francesco Carugo.
Graphics by Alberto Bonanni.
'Curator' text on the artwork by Beatrice Carugo.
Video by Tomaso Cariboni.

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Castello 1610/A
Riva Delle Sette Martiri
Venezia 30124