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Performance :
Horseplay-CHINESE OPEN 2014 :  9
"Horseplay" was conceived for the CHINESE OPEN 2014-Year of the Horse, a group exhibition curated by Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie in association with Geoffrey Leong PR & Q PARK. It consists of a rickshaw 'dressed up' to resemble a horse and carriage.

On Sunday 2nd February 2014, it rode from level to level, conveying visitors around the exhibition at the Q PARK underground car park in Chinatown, London. It was intended to entertain art lovers whilst at the same time drawing attention to the environmentally-friendly pedicab, in a setting usually dominated by internal combustion engine. This sophisticated piece of machinery, is an emission-free, joyful and reliable means of transport in London's congested West End.

The "Horseplay" project was kindly sponsored by

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