maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
If I Were The Queen :  15
How does it feel to be the Queen?
These portraits are the result of a series of performative actions aiming to provoke and question how each of us would have felt if we were born into the royal family and would have become the monarch.

Over 175 people of all ages took part in a performative action, sitting for a photographic portrait wearing a replica of the Imperial State Crown, considering which emotions to expose or conceal, when posing and pondering... 'If I Were The Queen'.

The actions took place in London during May and June 2012 at the Art Car Boot Fair, Herrick Gallery and on the streets of Tufnell Park.

27th May 2012
Art Car Boot Fair

2nd & 3rd June 2012
Herrick Gallery

5th & & 6th June 2012
Tufnell Park

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