maria teresa gavazzi :
Performance :
In Cammino/ On Foot :  8
An artist project: Rome to London on foot

It seemed impossible to walk the 1300 miles from Rome to London, where I live. However, this is exactly what many migrants did at the turn of the twentieth century, to reach the UK from Italy. And even today, thousands of migrants travel thousands of kilometers all over the world, often on foot, to escape poverty and war or just to follow their hopes and aspirations.

So, I too set off on foot, following the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome, walking in the opposite direction. Aware of my privilege (I was well equipped and without the urgency that leads a person to leave everything behind to venture into the unknown) I wanted to experience firsthand what it felt like to walk with the bare minimum, for days, weeks and months, until reaching a place to stay.